Making you feel comfortable is Ella’s paramount goal in providing service to you whether in-home, on-site, by telephone or online. Getting started with E.l.l.a. is stress free and easily accomplished! Here are answers to questions you may have:What should I expect on my first visit? Your first session is a time for you and your therapist to get to know each other and assess your concerns, current life situation, and to gain personal history and identify ones’ specific needs. Future visits will be more therapeutic in nature.

Is the information discussed in my therapy considered confidential?

Information about you and your therapy will not be discussed or disclosed to others without your knowledge and written consent. The success of therapy is dependent upon an honest and trusting relationship between the client and therapist.

How do I assess the usefulness of my therapy?

Problems which may have developed over a considerable period of time may not be remedied quickly or easily. Yet, during the course of therapy, you should have a heightened understanding of the nature of your problems, and a sense that you and your therapist are collaborating openly and effectively. With clear goals in mind, your rate of progress can be monitored by both you and your therapist. Help is just click away! Or Call 317-542-1473.

Can you bill my Insurance?

Currently, Ella does not bill insurance. However, we are able to assist you with completing the necessary paperwork in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider. Services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit plan.

Does E.L.L.A. offer reduced Fees?

The need for reduced or sliding fee services will be determined on initial visit. Cash, money orders and credit cards (EXCLUDING American Express) are accepted.

Cancellation Policy:

Fee’s equal to the service scheduled will be charged and due prior to next visit, if you fail to give our office a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Initial Assessment $ 120.00
Individual Session (45-60 min.) $ 80.00
Individual Session (75-80 min.) $ 100.00
Family/Couples Session (45-60min.) $ 110.00
Group Psychotherapy or Yoga Therapy session $ 55.00 per person

Rate Schedule

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